Flexibility Assessment

Wooden Trunk Flexibility Tester
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Wooden trunk flexibility tester, suitable for CPAFLA trunk flexibility testing.

Novel Accuflex I (Modified)
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Also known as the 'Sit and Reach Box'. Utilizes an adjustable scale to correct in differences in arm and leg length thus providing more uniform and comparable measures.

Novel Accuflex II
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Known as the 'Trunk Rotation' test, this tests the flexibility of ankles, knees, trunk, shoulder and neck. Doctors and other health professionals can use this device to measure flexibility as part of aging profiles, and testing.

Universal Inclinometer
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Angles not easily obtained with the conventional goniometer can be obtained with this instrument.

Bubble Inclinometer
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Accurately measures range of motion. Place inclinometer near joint to be measured; turn dial until scale reads zero; take joint through its range; read range traveled directly from dial. (CA44130)


Baseline Digital Inclinometer
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Total range of motion can be read from the LED panel after the joint has been actively or passively taken through its range. Case included. (C9266-21)

Brom Basic - Back Range of Motion
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Measures flexion, extension, rotation, lateral flexion and pelvic tilt. This unit combines inclinometers and magnets in an easy-to-use instrument.

Arthrodial Protractor
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Evaluation for difficult to measure cervical rotation, lateral flexion of the head and anterior-posterior cervical flexion. Includes two 180-degree opposing scales in 5-degree increments.