Strength & Power Assessment

Smedley Spring Hand Dynamometer
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The Smedley spring type dynamometer has been used successfully for many years to measure grip strength. Adjustable handle comfortably accommodates any hand size. This unit is calibrated in both pounds and kilograms.

Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer
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The standard in grip force measurement for over 30 years. Accurate and precise stainless steel gauge is protected by a shock-resistant rubber protective cap. Wrist strap prevents accidental damage. High quality, die-cast aluminum five-position handle easily adjusts to fit virtually any hand. Measures force from 0-200 lbs.

Baseline Hydraulic Hand Grip Dynamometer
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Gives accurate grip strength readings without being able to "feel" the handle move. Handle is adjustable with five positions to accommodate any hand size. Indicator remains at maximum reading until rest. Dial gauge and registers up to 300 lbs. (566673)

Baseline Digital Hydraulic Hand Grip
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The 300 lb. (135 kg) digital hand
dynamometer has the added advantage of an
LCD display. Features an electronic zero
calibration system, 2 "AAA" batteries, a low
battery light, and an automatic shut off.
Push button console includes a button to
zero the last maximum reading stored in
memory, a maximum button to display the
highest reading since the last press of the
max. clear button, and a lb./kg. toggle.

Baseline Hand Evaluation Set (7 pieces)
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All instruments needed for a full hand evaluation. Grip strength is measured by the hydraulic hand dynamometer and pinch strength by the mechanical pinch gauge. Other instruments included are stainless steel goniometer, 2-point discriminator with 3rd point, Wartenburg pinwheel, finger circumference gauge and functional finger motion gauge. (081542778)


Baseline Hand Evaluation Set (3 pieces)
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All the instruments necessary to evaluate strength and range of motion of hand and fingers. Includes hydraulic hand dynamometer, hydraulic pinch gauge (50 lbs) and stainless steel finger goniometer. (C9270-10)

Jamar Hand Evaluation Kit (3 pieces)
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Everything needed for hand and finger evaluation, in one convenient package. Kit includes hydraulic hand dynamometer, hydraulic pinch gauge, 5-1/2" finger goniometer.

Jamar ''Hands On'' Evaluation Kit (8 Tools)
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''Hands-On'' kit features eight often used tools - all in a portable case. This evaluation kit comes to you at a cost advantage over buying the tools separately. Tools include:
  • JAMAR® Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer
  • B & L Pinch Gauge (0-60 lbs.)
  • Small Joint Goniometer
  • 63 1/4 4'' E-Z Read Goniometer
  • Flexible Tape Measure
  • Finger Circumference Gauge (Centimeters)
  • Semmes-Weinstein Monofilaments (Set of Five: 2.83, 3.61, 4.31, 4.56, 6.65)
  • Disk-Criminator

  • LA32527A
    Back and Leg Dynamometer
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    Includes 600-pound pull dynamometer for testing subjects with normal strength, a 4' chain, a solid aluminum lifting bar with comfortable handgrips and a lifting platform. The solid lifting platform, measuring 24" x 24", is small enough for easy transportation. The pull dynamometer has several heavy-duty springs for long-lasting accuracy and a range of 50 to 600 pounds, in 5-pound increments.

    Back, Leg and Chest Dynamometer
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    Measure strength of the back, leg and chest muscle groups. Chain length adjusts for height differences or to vary the point of force application. Strength indicator remains at maximum reading until reset. Scale measures up to 660 lbs.


    Lafayette Manual Muscle Tester
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    This unit combines precision and accuracy with a new ergonomic design to provide you with accurate, objective and reliable results. It features innovations not employed by any other manual muscle test system on the market. The interactive menus allow the user to select a wide range of options, such as, data storage, test times (1-10 seconds) and also offers the choice of high and low threshold settings (to accommodate large muscles or digits). The large, easy to read LCD screen displays all information clearly.

    Jamar Hydraulic Pinch Gauge
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    Jamar's unique design frees the patient to perform a true pinch maneuver. The therapist, not the patient, supports the weight of the gauge, giving a highly accurate pinch-force measurement. Measures up to 45 lbs.

    Baseline Hydraulic Pinch Gauge
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    Hydraulics assures convenience and reliability, measurement accuracy and repeatability for all pinch tests (tip, key and palmer). Dial gauge and registers up to 50 lbs. (C7481)

    Electronic Push/Pull Dynamometer
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    Superior load cell force measurement taking 30 readings per second, rugged aluminum housing, separate peak memory for push and pull results, auto-shut off, push-button calibration, and an LCD display in pounds, kilograms or newtons. Set includes: three padded attachments and a single handle for push tests, a hook and double handle set for pulling and lifting tests.

    Various capacities available:
    > 50 lbs. (C9270-50)
    > 100 lbs. (C9270-51)
    > 250 lbs. (C9270-52)
    > 500 lbs. (C9270-53)

    Vertec Vertical Jump Tester
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    This jump tester fulfills two purposes - to measure jump reach and to improve lower body explosive power. Maximum benefit is derived when the subject/athlete is compelled to make a maximum effort with each jump. Forty-nine color-coded movable acrylic target vanes, spaced vertically at 1/2" intervals provide a vertical target spanning 24". The steel pedestal support can be adjusted for a total measurement range of 6 to 12 feet. Markings on the pedestal and color-coding of the vanes provide immediate measurement. The unit is weighted and balanced for stability.


    Vertical Jump Tester (Wall Mounted)
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    Quickly measure vertical jump and reach from 1" to 48" in 1/2" increments. Board features screened measurements for years of use and magnets for marking reach and jump height.

    Includes solid steel board, 48" retrieval rod, and 2 magnets. White with black markings. 50" H x 6" W.