Timing Systems

Freelap Canada Timing Systems
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Freelap is the latest in wireless timing for all your training efforts. Its accuracy ease of use and its low price make Freelap your #1 and obvious choice when time comes to choose your next training device that will truly improve and maximize your training.

-Alpine, MTB/BMX and Track and Field.

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Hand Tally Counter
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Counts up to 9999.

Korg Metronome
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Features of the Korg MA-30 Metronome include:
- digital display with a highly visual liquid crystal pendulum
- 13 different rhythms
- Twelve reference pitches C4 -B4 for you to tune to
- Adjustable calibration (438-445 Hz)
- Adjustable volume
- Tempo adjusts from 40-208 bpm
- Tap function for setting the tempo
- Earphone jack
- Approximately 250 hours of continuous use

Seiko Quartz Metronome
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The most basic quartz metronome with a choice of two types of tempo and beat sounds. It also has volume control and large LED for highly visual tempo indicator.

- Tempo Range / 40~208(39 Step)
- Tempo Indication / Two Types of Clicking Sound with LED Light
- Sound Generation / A4(440Hz), B b 4(446.16Hz)

Omron Digital Pedometer
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Counts steps, counts aerobic steps, calories, distance, amount of fat burned, time of day and 7-day memory.


Accusplit Pro Survivor Stopwatch
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Accusplit stopwatch with large readout. Times single events, splits and has time of day.

Sideline Sports Professional Stop Watch
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Rugged, extremely compact, watertight all purpose stopwatch. Extra large display. Designed to meet multiple timing needs.

Not exactly as shown.

Wireless Sprint System - Complete
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A very adaptable, fully automatic 3-part wireless system that times all distance with 1/100th second accuracy. Breaks down sprints into time segments by using additional sensors. Great for measuring reaction time in any sport. For use in indoor/outdoor lighting conditions. Weighing just 8 lbs., this unit is very portable and easy to set up.

Includes all parts mentioned below (Monitor, Infra-red Sensors, Touch Start, Touch Pad).

Also available is the Wireless timing system with the TC-Timer with USB -
System with the USB component $1,625.00

Infra-Red Sensors
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Infra-red sensors on 40" tripods, signals finishes and splits to the monitor. Photocell gates can be used for start, split, or finish set includes 1 TC-Gate A, 1 TC-Gate B and 2 tripods

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Touch Start
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The Touch Start Pad (switch pad) records start reaction time from simulated sprint command or from a release start beginning timing on motion.


Touch Pad
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The Brower Touch-Pad is included when the complete system is purchased, however, they may need to be replaced over time as they can wear out with regular use.

It is recommended that high usage customers and those using the touch-pad as a foot pad have a back-up.